Review/Interview: Samhainn – Hand of Kalliach, Part One

I love this album, and more people need to hear it. It’s absolutely beautiful… and devastatingly heavy at the same time. Absolute brilliance! If you want to go on a spiritual journey with Scottish/Celtic mythology, give this a read. Hopefully it will inspire you to listen to the music.

The Metal Wanderlust

Hand of Kalliach released an EP last year called “Shade Beyond,” and it made quite an impression on me (Joel, aka VUK). When I saw just the cover of “Samhainn,”Hand of Kalliach’s debut LP just released this weekend, I got far too excited. It was almost shameful. Like… I screeched. And I listened to it as soon as I possibly could. Before it was half way over, I shared my enthusiasm about the record with my buddy Serena. Now, if you’ve been a TMW reader for a while, you’ll know what that means. Because when Serena and I adore an album… we go all in!

So, she and I began planning a massive track by track review, and approached the band to ask for an interview.

Sophie and John Fraser, the husband/wife duo that make up Hand of Kalliach, not only agreed to an interview, but accepted an invitation…

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