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    I climb mountains in my mind  Higher than any visible range on the planet.  I climb these mountains all day and night, often just high enough to peek over the tops of them, and often for only as long as someone else can stand to look in my direction.  I’m not writing these words so […]

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  • Yesterday We Lived Forever

    Yesterday We Lived Forever

    In these times you have to be an optimist to open your eyes when you awake in the morning. – Carl Sandburg It is not easy to write about depression. From the perspective of the sufferer – in this case myself – there are several reasons to avoid doing so. First of all, on days […]

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  • Song Review: Sally’s Lament – Mordian 

    Song Review: Sally’s Lament – Mordian 

    Originally posted on The Metal Wanderlust:
    We all know the source of this track, at least I hope we all do. If not, I suppose crawl back under that rock or back in that cave beyond the forest (looking at you PCO). Well, Mordian has taken two tracks from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and created…

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